·         I didn't perform well as the test was hard. (Adjective)
·         Everyone was trying hard not to laugh at his new haircut. (Adverb)
·         On the high ground, we could see the moon rising over the horizon. (Adjective)
·         What were those circling high in the sky? (Adverb)
·        He kept repeating day and night that he was not mentally ill. (Adjective)
·        He often spoke ill of his mother-in-law. (Adverb)
·         The victim’s family thought he had not got his just punishment for the crime.(Adjective)
·          He just kept scratching the back of the head. (Adverb)
·         kindly old lady shared her umbrella with me when it wasn't raining. (Adjective)
·         He kindly explained to us how the dinosaurs became extinct. (Adverb)
·         The last time we met, she wasn’t as fat as she is now. (Adjective)
·         She fell and finished last in the race. (Adverb)
·         My son scored a late goal to win the game for his team. (Adjective)
·         He’s thinking hard for an excuse for arriving at work a half hour late.
·         Bob's left ear is much bigger than his right ear. (Adjective)
·         The driver turned left when he should have turned right. (Adverb)
·         He refuses to go along as he thinks the car is likely to break down on the way. (Adjective)
·         He will likely be a drug addict like all his friends. (Adverb)
·         There were little fragments of broken glass in the pond. (Adjective)
·         After the dream that she met her Mr. Right, she slept very little. (Adverb)
·         This specie of spider has long, hairy legs. (Adjective) 
·         Getting chased by a bull is an experience she will long remember. (Adverb)
·         She was born with an unnaturally loud voice. (Adjective)
·         A voice in the crowd cried out loud that her little daughter was missing. (Adverb)
·         Last night, he thought he heard low voices from the roof calling him. (Adjective)
·         We cut an opening in the fence and bent low to get through it. (Adverb)
·         The deceased's near relatives will inherit her five dogs. (Adjective)
·         I went too near to her last week, and now I'm having her cold. (Adverb)