·         This is an airmail letter from my pen pal in Timbuctoo. (Adjective) 
·         She sent it airmail and I’m still waiting for it. (Adverb)
·         She alone knew what happened that night. (Adjective)
·         She raised twenty puppies alone. (Adverb)
·         He lost his wallet to a pickpocket when he kept it in his back pocket. (Adjective) 
·         We have not seen him since he borrowed a big sum of money from us several years back(Adverb)
·         He seemed to think there’s no better way of getting money than stealing it. (Adjective)
·         You cannot possibly speak better with your mouth full of crisps. (Adverb)
·         I had a cheap fruit juice that tasted like tap water. (Adjective)
·         These imported lollipops don’t come cheap. (Adverb)
·         Your grandmother and my grandfather are close in age. (Adjective)
·         Someone parked his truck so close in front of my car. (Adverb)
·         The drunken driver drove his car into a deep ravine. (Adjective)
·         They walked deep into the cave in search of treasure. (Adverb)
·         There was no direct route to the cove, so we went round the hill. (Adjective)
·         She went direct to the manager with the complaint. (Adverb)
·         We booked a room with a double bed for the three of us. (Adjective)
·         He was so drunk that he saw double and counted more people than there were there. (Adverb) 
·         Poor diet can lead to early death. (Adjective)
·         We arrived early but the queue had already stretched for more than a mile. (Adverb)
·         The losing team complained the field was not even. (Adjective)
·         Her pet cat is fat, but her pet dog is even fatter. (Adverb)
·         Scaly reptiles are believed to live at the far end of the cave. (adjective)
·         He believed if he played fair, he would lose so he cheated. (Adverb)
·         A flock of pigeons is cooing at the far end of the field. (Adjective)
·         They found their missing great grandfather wandering far from home. (Adverb)
·         My big aunt is a fast eater, a lot faster than me. (Adjective)
·         I acted fast in shouting "fire" and everyone dashed for the exit. (Adverb)
·         Last night, she saw a ghost for the first time in her life. (Adjective)
·         It seemed you had to talk to the father first before you could talk to the daughter. (Adverb)