Many verbs are formed from nouns and adjectives by adding en-, -en, -ize, etc to the endings of verbs.

Nouns Adjectives Verbs
able enable
actor act
bath bathe
beauty beautify
broad broaden
clean cleanse
cloth clothe
courage encourage
dark darken
deaf deafen
deed do
description describe
division divide
deep deepen
equal equalize
fast fasten
fat fatten
fertile fertilize
food feed
friend befriend
full fill
glad gladden
government govern
health heal
joy enjoy
knee kneel
large enlarge
less lessen
light lighten
long lengthen
loose loosen
loss lose
obedience obey
pleasure please
product produce
proof prove
public publicize
pure purify
quick quicken
rich enrich
sad sadden
safe save
sale sell
satisfaction satisfy
sharp sharpen
short shorten
sight see
slave enslave
simple simplify
smooth smoothen
soft soften
song sing
spark sparkle
speech speak
strong strengthen
success succeed
sweet sweeten
tale tell
thought think
tight tighten
trial try
unity unite
wide widen