Prepositions of direction indicate that something is headed for or directed to somewhere. Prepositions of direction include prepositions such as into, onontothroughtotoward 


  • We watched the bus disappear into the tunnel.
  • A fly settled on my bread while I was eating it..
  • My mom must have put the pumpkin onto someone else’s trolley in the supermarket.
  • The bullet had gone through his head, but he survived.
  • The teacher has gone to the loo again.
  • The snake slithered toward the bullfrog..



These prepositions show direction of movement from somewhere, and some of the prepositions used here are away from, fromoff, out. 


  • He warned them to keep away from his apple tree..
  • Two tigers walking around are reported to have escaped from the circus..
  • The strong wind blew the wig off his head.
  • Everyone ran out the door when the fire started.