Prepositions of place indicate where something is or where something happens (across, in, inside, on, outside, under)..


  • The newly built bridge across the river has just collapsed.
  • His alarm clock went off twice and he is still in bed.
  • There was something like a snake inside the dark cage.
  • There was a fly on the bull’s nose.
  • I fell asleep while waiting outside the clinic for my turn.


Prepositions of place also tell us the position of something in relation to another (behind, beside, between, in front, near)..


  • Behind his farmhouse was a big scary scarecrow.
  • I sat beside a snoring woman in the cinema.
  • There is an awkward gap between her two front teeth.
  • Someone parked a tractor in front of our house.
  • Don’t go near her. She’s got a bad cold.