There are different types of preposition

The different types of prepositions used provide us with different information with regards to time, place, and direction. Besides these three, there are others: prepositions of manner and prepositions of cause and reason.


Prepositions of time are used to show the time and date when something happens.

Prepositions of place indicate where something is or happens.

Prepositions of movement are used to show where something is headed or directed.


Prepositions of manner are about the way something happens or how something is done. It uses mainly the word by.

We went there by taxi.


Prepositions of cause or reason are used to show the cause of something or the reason that something happens. The compound prepositions most often used here are because of and due to.

He cannot walk because of his swollen leg.


We can use different prepositions to show time or place or direction



  • I shall meet you at 2 o’clock tomorrow. (Indicates time: at 2 o’clock)
  • The kettle is on the table. (Indicates a place or position: on the table)

  • We walked to/towards the cinema. (Indicates direction: to/towards the cinema)


We can use the same preposition to show time or place or direction



  • I shall meet you at 2 o’clock on Sunday under the railway bridge (Indicates time)
  • We will wait for you at the entrance to the stadium. (Indicates place)

  • A stranger pointed at me. (Indicates direction)



The next three parts of this lesson will focus on prepositions of time, prepositions of place, and prepositions of direction respectively.