Adjectives derived from verbs are formed by adding –ing or –ed to the verbs.

–ed/–ing: amazed/amazing, annoyed/annoying, damaged/damaging, decayed/decaying, interested/interesting

–ed: the escaped prisoners, improved version, polluted river



  • We need to get more young people interested in the subject.
  • We need to make the subject more interesting to more young people.
  • We were totally amazed by the brilliance of the player.
  • What an amazing player he was.
  • She was quite annoyed at the way he behaved.
  • She found his behaviour quite annoying.
  • The chunk of meat was completely decayed.
  • The smell of decaying meat wafted towards him.
  • His health appears badly damaged by excessive smoking.
  • Smoking is seriously damaging to his health.