care about

assist in/with

walk past

complain about/of/to

believe in


do something about

deal in/with


dream about/of

excel in

see through

speak about/against

live in


hear about/from/of

fill in


read about

glory in

accede to

remind (somebody) about/of

retire in

agree to/with

talk about/to

involve (oneself) in

answer to/for

tell (somebody) about

look in/after/at/for

apologize to/for

think about/of

send in

apply to/for

walk about

specialize in

attend to

warn about/of

spend time in

belong to

write about

succeed in

break (bad news) to


swim in

bring to


work in

complain to/about/of

swim across


correspond to/with

walk across


describe to


break into/off/with

explain to


bump into

force to

crave after/for

burst into

forget to

hanker after

come into

go to

look after/at/for/in

crash into

happen to

run after

cut into

hope to


dive into

invite (somebody) to


divide into

jump to

fight against

drive into

keep to

hit against

fall into

like to

lean against

fly into

listen to

offend against

jump into

need to

speak against/about

pour it into

occur to

struggle against

put it into

prefer to

vote against

run into

promise to


split into

reconcile to


turn into

reply to

divide among


send it to

quarrel among


shout to/at/out

share among

accuse of

speak to


approve of

submit to


ask of/for

talk to/about

aim at/for

beware of

try to

arrive at

break (oneself) of

throw to/at

fire (a gun) at

complain of/about/to

wish to

glance at

consist of

write to

have a look at

despair of

yield to

hint at

die of


jeer at

divest (one’s mind) of


laugh at

dream of/about

crawl under

look at/for/after/in

hear of/about/from

go under

point at

made of

labour under

shoot at

remind (somebody) of/about

stand under

shout at/to/out

repent of


smile at/on

suspect of


stare at

take care of

add up

throw at/to

think of/about

catch up

wait at

warn of/about

clean up

wink at


climb up



cover up


break off/into/with

dig up

sit beside

fall off

drive up


finish off

get up


get off/on

give up

abide by

leave off

go up

live by

set off

grow up


switch off/on

hurry up


turn off/on

keep up

burn down


lock up

cut down


look up

fall down

blame on/for

mix up

lie down

call on

pick up

put down

carry on

put up

sit down

comment on

ring up


compliment (somebody) on

run up


concentrate on

save up

answer for/to

congratulate (somebody) on

shut up

apologize for/to

decide on 

stay up

apply for/to

get on/off

tie up

ask for/of

insist on

turn up

blame for/on

live on

wake up

call for

put it on

walk up

care for

rely on

wash up

crave for/after

smile on/at 


forgive (somebody) for

spend (money) on


leave for

stand on 

assist with/in

look for/at/after/in

switch on/off

agree with/to

pay for

turn on/off

break with/into/off

punish for

urge (a fact) on 

collide with

search for


comply with

thank (somebody) for


condole with

wait for

enter upon 

correspond with/to

yearn for


deal with/in



differ with/from


fall over

fill (something) with

absolve from

jump over

overwhelm with

abstain from

knock over

play with

come from


provide (somebody) with

differ from/with


quarrel with

escape from

blow out

sleep with

hear from/about/of

come out

stay with

hide from

find out

supply (somebody) with

prevent from

go out to


prohibit from

leave out


protect (somebody/thing) from

look out


recover from

pick out

went without his ticket

run away from

run out of

went without saying goodbye

suffer from

shout out/at/to



throw it out