accused of (accused of a crime) fit to (fit to look after old people)
accustomed to (accustomed to a life of luxury) fond of  (fond of her, fond of swimming)
acquainted with (acquainted with him) friendly to/towards (friendly to visitors)
addicted to (addicted to gambling) frightened of (frightened of spider)
afraid of (afraid of dogs) full of (full of mistakes)
agreeable to (agreeable to the idea) furious about/at/with (furious with him for not ….)
akin to (akin to a guitar) generous to (generous to the kids)
alarmed at/by (alarmed at the prospect of) generous of (generous of you contribute so much)
amazed at (amazed at his rapid recovery) good at (good at reading maps)
amazed by (amazed by the performance) good for (good for your health)
angry with (angry with a person) good of (good of you to come)
angry at (angry at something) happy about (happy about riding a horse)
annoyed about/by (annoyed by his carelessness) happy with (happy with my new car)
annoyed with (annoyed with him for not calling) hopeless at (hopeless at mathematics)
anxious about (anxious about flying) impressed with/by (impressed with the quality)
ashamed of (ashamed of yourself) incapable of (incapable of passing the examination)
astonished by (astonished by his successive wins) interested in (interested in politics)
aware of (aware of the dangers) interested to (interested to know your idea)
bad at (bad at chess) jealous of (jealous of his success)
bad for (bad for health) keen on (keen on photography)
bored with (bored with her job) kind of (kind of you to …)
busy with (busy with his work) kind to (been kind to me)
capable of (capable of murder) married to (married to a wealthy man)
certain about (certain about what he said) nervous about (nervous about my exams)
certain of (certain of how much he put in) nervous of (always nervous of rats)
clever at (clever at knitting) nice of  (nice of you to help)
clever with (clever with his hand) pleased about (pleased about the results)
clever of (clever of him) pleased with (pleased with his new house)
conscious of (conscious of the need to …) pleased to (pleased to see you here)
critical of (critical of others) proud of (proud of his new house/proud of winning)
crowded with (crowded with tourists) quick at (quick at writing/quick at losing her temper)
delighted with (delighted with the present) ready for (ready for it)
dependent on (dependent on their parents for food) responsible for (responsible for the murder)
different from (different from each other) scared of (scared of dogs)
different to (different to mine) shocked at (shocked at their loss)
different in (different in their sizes) short of (short of money)
disappointed with/in (with your work/in our plans) similar to (His opinions are similar to mine.)
disappointed about (disappointed about not being told) sorry for (feel sorry for him)
disappointed at (disappointed at not being invited) stupid of (stupid of him to say that)
disappointed to (disappointed to see him there) sure of (sure of attending)
engaged to (engaged to a tall man) surprised at (surprised at her behaviour)
envious of (envious of her success) suspicious of/about (suspicious of his intentions)
excellent at (excellent at speaking) terrified at (terrified at the possibility of meeting him)
excited about (excited about going on a boat trip) terrified of (terrified of heights)
excited at (excited at the new discoveries) tired of (tired of hearing the same remark)
excited by (excited by the possibility of promotion) tolerant of (tolerant of their son’s beliefs)
famous for (famous for its cheese) typical of (typical of him to behave like that)
famous as (famous as a singer) upset about/by/over (upset about the disagreement)
fed up with (fed up with waiting) used to (used to traveling by night)
fit for (fit for the job) worried about (worried about her exams)



Prepositions after Adjectives - additional

absorbed in easy of loyal to
accomplished in eligible for mad with
accountable for (thing) envious of mindful of
accountable to (person) equal to moved by/to
affectionate to exposed to obedient to
alarmed at faithful to obliged to
alien to false of overcome with/by
anxious for false to overwhelmed with/by
applicable to familiar with partial to
associated with fatigued with particular to
bent on free from previous to
blind in/to glad about productive of
born in glad of proficient in
born of greedy for radiant with
careful about guilty of ready for
careful of hopeful of reduced to
common to ignorant of relative to
competent for immaterial to relevant to
competent in immersed in requisite for/to
concerned about impatient of respect to/towards
concerned in indifferent to responsible to
condemned to indispensable to satisfied with
confident of indulgent to sensible of
contrary to infected with/by sensitive to
cured of infested with shocked at
deprived of innocent of slow of
desirous of intent on steeped in
despairing of intimate with subordinate to
destitute of involved in true to
detrimental to lame in veiled in
diffident of lax in versed in
disgusted in/with (person) level with weak in
disgusted with (thing) liable for/to worthy of
earnest in lost to zealous in