abundance of

distrust of

look at

access to

duty to

lust for

admission to

eagerness for

need for

affection for

economy of

obedience to

allegiance to

enmity for/with/against

objection to

anxiety for

envy of

obstruction to

appetite for

equality with

offence against

aptitude for

escape from

passion for

arrival at/in

esteem for

pity for

assent to

excuse for

power over

assurance of

experience in/of

prejudice against

attack on

exposure of

preparation for

attention on

failure of

pride in

authority for/on/over

faith in

proficiency in

bargain for/with

freedom from/of

quarrel with

battle with

glance at

question on

benevolence towards

gratitude for/to

regard for

blindness to

greed for

regret for

cause for/of

grief at/for

reply to

caution against

guess at

request for

comparison with

hatred of

resemblance to

compassion for

hope of

respect for

compensation for

identity to

revolt against

complaint against

indifference to

search for

concession to

indulgence of

sin against

confidence in

inquiry into

stain on

conformity to/with

insight into

submission to

contempt for

interview with

sympathy with

control over

intimacy with

testimony to

conviction of

intrusion into

traitor to

correspondence with

invitation to

trust in

craving for

judge of

want of

dependence on

lecture on

witness of

desire for

likeness to

wonder at

disgust at

liking for

yearning for

dislike of

limit to

zeal for

distaste for

longing for

zest for